Windows 7 sp1

A beta version of windows 7 service pack one has been leaked.  Just thought I would ;put that out there for anyone interested in downloading and testing


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Iphone software 4.0 too late

Apple announced its plan to release iPhone software 4.0 this summer. We finally get multitasking on our iPhones and only if you have a 3GS.  It has been over a year since the 3.0 update. Apple should have been developing these features over the past year but oh wait they were working on the iPad.  I as an iPhone user am glad to see these features, but its a little late.  I may just be using a windows mobile phone sooner than waiting on this update for my iPhone.

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First hand look at Windows Phone 7 series

Today I had the opportunity to take my first look into windows  phone 7. I first installed the developer toolkit with an emulator to run the new phone operating system.  Then I downloaded a hacked version of the emulator to allow me to use all features of this phone.  One thing is for sure, I may have just found an iPhone replacement in 2010.

If you are interested in the article to run this for yourself head on over to

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Why apple needs to worry in September

The iPhone. I use it and I love it, but I am very tired of it.  I want to see more choices.  This September Microsoft will release Windows Phone 7 series.  Yes, Windows Mobile has been around for quite some time and yes it sucks.  From everything I have seen this has changed.  New User Interface, touch interface all through the device, and Cap-Active touch screen so when you touch things, well it actually works. 

This in all brings something good to the smart phone wars for market share.  A better product from Microsoft in return brings better products from apple and just maybe drives down the prices of owning the device itself.

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Why the ipad will fail!

The ipad will be a failure! Yes that’s right. The audience for this device already owns this device.  The device that they own is the iPhone.  This ipad device will run all your iPhone apps, that’s great except you are already running those apps just fine on your iPhone.  Only time will tell but this device just doesn’t have a market.  No one really needs this. It’s not a laptop, it doesn’t run office, and you’re not going to be typing your next paper on this. Yes you can check your mail, and you can play your games.  Problem you can already do all this without paying the cost needed to buy the device.  Not worth the money.

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Windows xp mode update

Earlier this week Microsoft released an update to its virtualization technology in windows xp mode.  Previously the processor inside your computer had to support hardware virtualization. Fortunately a few months after the initial release of the product an update has been provided to allow any computer running windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise to run windows xp mode. What is xp mode? Xp mode is a virtualization technology that runs inside you’re existing installation. The operating system is xp professional with service pack 3.  The intended purpose of this technology is for business that have legacy software made to only work with older versions of windows, will have the ability to run those apps under a more secure up to date operating system. For me this update helps a lot because previously my HP touchsmart 600t would refuse to run the program and now it can take advantage of this software.

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